Right assay, right hit, right time. Identify “more physiological hits” earlier in drug discovery

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To be announced
Mrs Kathy Dodgson


Aurelia Bioscience are ambitious adopters of new technologies with the aim of improving early decision making within drug discovery. When using surrogate assays for physiological outcomes on projects, the ‘best’ compounds are not always those in plain sight. Historically, drug discovery has progressed from biochemical assays through manipulated recombinant cell-based assays to more physiologically relevant assays in native cells. The marriage of iPSC’s, mixed cell populations and primary cells with new technologies such as 3-D biology coupled with kinetic readouts bring the benefits of increasing opportunities to study biology in “real” cell(s) systems. Instrumentation such as the Incucyte SX5, Isolight and JESS are examples of technologies that enable the application of new assay types alongside new technologies including nanoBRET and CRISPR knockin of HiBiT labelled proteins for real time monitoring of target engagement in living cells. These approaches help us to understand the effect of compounds in a near native system, answering multiple questions such as cell permeability, kinetics and off- target effects. In my presentation I will share case studies in which we have shown the benefits of such cell models and technologies to progress client projects in a timely manner.

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