Accelerating chemical tool discovery by a novel collaborative approach


Accelerating chemical tool discovery by a novel collaborative approach


R Harmel1
1 EU-Openscreen, Germany


Most Life
Science researchers do not have easy access to suitable drug screening platforms and compound
collections which are generally expensive
to purchase and
maintain, and require specialist expertise for operation. This often represents a major
limitation in the field of
chemical tool development in academia and slows down innovative drug discovery projects. With the aim
to addresss these needs, researchers from more than 20 academic institutes in Europe have joined forces
to launch EU-OPENSCREEN in
2018. Under the legal entity of an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure
Consortium), this new organization is designed for long-term scientific and
financial sustainability and is open to collaborations with academic and
industry scientists from
all over the world. It offers access to a wide range of screening
platforms for biochemical,
biophysical and cellular screening, commercial and academic compound libraries, and medicinal chemistry expertise. Scientists with promising biological assays for innovative targets or
phenotypic readouts can access EU-OPENSCREEN's screening platforms to investigate our
rationally selected collection
of 100.000 commercial compounds and a growing number of compounds sourced from
academic labs. Chemists can donate compounds to our library which are then screened
in all projects. Intellectual property rights on data are shared between the
collaborating scientists. After an embargo period of up to three years, and in
order to accelerate science, increase data reproducibility and avoid
duplication of work, all primary screening data will be published in our
open-access European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD).    

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