Unleashing the power of Bio Convergence with Single-cell Dispensing Technology to Live Cell Imaging.

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To be announced
Dr Shehnaz Ahmed


With the power of Bio Convergence, Cytena provide a range of the latest technologies to improve the workflows in drug discovery applications.
For single cell printing the UP.SIGHT streamlines cell line development (CLD) workflows by automating labour intensive and time consuming steps. We have combined our patented, highly efficient and gentle single-cell dispensing technology with a superfast , high quality imaging system that provides a full well image. Our all-in-one solution enables nozzle imaging and 3D full well imaging for double assurance of clonality, with a probability of >99.99% clonality.
CELLCYTE X is the next-generation live cell imaging platform designed to optimise data collection, analysis and cell culturing processes. The system automatically captures high contrast images and offers continuous visualisation of data points remotely from inside an incubator whilst maintaining cells under optimal conditions. CELLCYTE Studio provides an intuitive and easy to use software for setting up experiments swiftly, along with integrated data analysis and graphing tools. The CELLCYTE X enables tracking of cell-based assays in real-time, has various objectives, fluorescence channels and multiple slots for well plates and tissue flasks enabling high throughput screening.
Another useful tool we have is the C.WASH which is an innovative microwell plate washer using centrifugal force for a fast and automated liquid removal from entire 96, 384 and 1536 well plates in seconds. With the capability to dispense up to 4 different liquids, it is a versatile bench-top instrument designed for the non-contact washing of cells, ELISA assays and bead-based DNA purification for NGS library preparation. With its intuitive C.WASH software, you can create and customize programs in an instant. Being SiLA2 compliant, the C.WASH is a perfect addition to any existing high throughput screening workflow. The automated liquid handling of the C.WASH improves the reproducibility of your results, reduces timelines and costs of consumables such as pipette tips.
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