Spatial ‘omics, looking from 3 Dimensions

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 Peter O'Toole


New tools are currently driving our potential to understand cellular responses at sub-resolution single cell, through to mass t-lapse populations through to whole tissue imaging with thousands of tags. This talk will be a light tough walk through many of the new approaches that we are working with at York.
High-Plex spatial imaging is a rapidly emerging field that covers can range from transcriptomics(1), through to metabolomics(2), through to protein phenotyping. Although many approaches are mutually exclusive, we are currently trying to bring these together in a more unified manner.
At the same time spatial cytometry using label-free approaches(3-5) is also yielding information that we are now developing new analytic tools. CellPhe is a new toolkit to help analyse data rich time lapse experiments seeking to identify the effects of drugs using high throughput imaging.
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