Streamline and modernise your Immunology and Immuno-Oncology research

Time: To be announced
To be announced
Dr Suzanne Riches


Uncover methods to make your cell-based immunology and immuno-oncology assays faster, easier and more reliable. Using high-throughput automated imaging can relieve cell-based assay bottlenecks and reduce the time spent using manual microscopy or flow cytometry by 20-fold.
Cell assays and applications discussed during this presentation will include: Immune cell proliferation, immune cell health, co-culture killing assays in 2D and 3D cancer models, ADCC, and immune cell response to infection.
Join us for a discussion on how streamlining these in-vitro assays can ultimately lead to more efficient cell therapy methods and in-vitro models.

Nexcelom specialise in quality cell analysis by providing solutions for Cell Counting and Viability Testing plus Imaging and Analysis for all cell-based experiments.
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