Autologous NK Cells as Consolidation Therapy in Multiple Myeloma

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Prof Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren


Few approaches have been made towards exploring autologous NK cells in settings of cancer immunotherapy. Here, we demonstrate the feasibility of infusing multiple doses of ex vivo activated and expanded autologous NK cells in patients with multiple myeloma (MM) post autologous stem-cell transplantation. Infused NK cells could be detected in circulation up to four weeks after the last infusion. Elevations in plasma granzyme B levels were observed following each consecutive NK cell infusion. Moreover, increased granzyme B levels were detected in bone marrow four weeks after the last infusion. All measurable patients had objective, detectable responses after NK cell infusions in terms of reduction in M-component and/or minimal residual disease. The present study demonstrates that autologous NK cell-based immunotherapy is feasible in a setting of MM consolidation-therapy. It opens up for usage of autologous NK cells in clinical settings where patients are not readily eligible for allogeneic NK cell-based immunotherapies.
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