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CRISPR in Drug Discovery 2021

CRISPR in Drug Discovery 2021
Tue23 Mar2021
Wed24 Mar2021
In accordance with current government guidelines on the COVID-19 pandemic, the third CRISPR in Drug Discovery: From Targets to Therapeutics meeting will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2021 as a virtual event. Genome Engineering, including zinc-finger nucleases, TALENs and most recently CRISPR/Cas9, more >>

BSP Meeting 2021

Web Event
BSP Meeting 2021
Mon21 Jun2021
Fri25 Jun2021
The annual meeting of the BSP has this year, for obvious reasons, gone Virtual. Were are using the Eventflo Virtual Conference Platform as the basis of our meeting and we are expecting to deliver both a varied program and interactive poster sessions. We have also taken the opportunity to both reduce overall costs and extend access for Members from low and middle income countries.

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  • Government & Public Sector32
  • Healthcare, Biotech & Pharmaceutical2
  • Technology, Media & Telecoms8
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  • Veterinary and Animal Health64
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